Starlings and COVID-19

A reflection on the ravages of COVID-19.

At the start of 2020, few people realised what awful devastation COVID-19 would unleash around the world. Today, in the spring of 2021, many of us are reflecting on the terrible impact this newly discovered virus has had on everyone. Schools and workplaces have been closed, the elderly in care homes have not been able […]

Skeletons of the forest

A collection of photographs of human artifacts decaying in my local woodland.

Skeleton chassis

Some of the items I discovered had a beauty all of their own with fading paint, rusting metalwork or aging decay. I felt that the contrast of rusted metalwork against the woodland foliage worked particularly well. My intention is to show how nature, over the passage of many years, is gradually drawing the metal back down into the earth.

Opening post

My first post to get things up and running

I set up this blog to provide an outlet for my photography projects and to share my thoughts on wildlife and the environment. Two subjects which are close to my heart.


Recent Posts

About the Sensorman Photography Blog

The Sensorman Photography Blog features some of my recent photographic projects and shoots. I've also included anything related to wildlife and the environment that piques my interest.

Winter on the Cotswold Edge

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Winter on the Cotswold Edge
Winter on the ...
By Eric D'Costa
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